Aqua OneTropiGlo 120 37W LED Light Unit

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5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 01 June, 2016 By Mark Irvine
I order the Aqua One TropiGlo 120 37W LED Light Unit, and the Aqua One Plant.

The lights looks ready good, and are a nice size (not to big or to small), they are Black coated aluminium (i think) with a plastic cover to protect the LED's.

I have a Red Sea 350 (120Lx50W) and they make the tank look amazing. due to the size a second light is required, but helps with plant growth.

The Blue lights are switch inderpendently of the white so can be turned off during the day to give a more shimmer look and on at night, (would recomment the blue look).

Only issue is the blue lights cann't be put on seperate times.