Eheim 2036 Ecco-Pro 300 Filter

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5 out of 5 stars Monday 29 August, 2011 By Hassan T Goksoylar - See all my reviews
Looked at many different sites for the right filter, at the right price, to provide extra filtration for my RIO 240, as the internal filter seemed to be struggling to cope with my heavily planted set up. Bought this from Arkpets, as by far the best price, and the service I received in terms of delivery was spot on, I will definitely be purchasing from here again.
The filter was so easy to set up and instal, even from someone like me who has had no experience of external filters,(45 mins) within 2 hours I noticed the improvement in the aquarium water clarity, and that within 1 week my internal filter with the RIO 240, did not need the Pre-filter changed or cleaned every 3 to 4 days, let alone the 1 week Juwel advised.

In summary Excellent Filter (so far), and Excellent sevice from Ark Pets.