JBL Disposable Co2 Systems

The new JBL ProFlora CO2 systems meet all the wishes of aquarium enthusiasts and the specialist trade:

  1. Finally a CO2 system which can be converted from disposable cylinders (u-system) to refillable cylinders (m-system) in just seconds.
  2. Extendable CO2 diffuser JBL Taifun: whenever more CO2 is needed, whether due to denser planting, a larger aquarium or because a lower pH level is required: the JBL Taifun can be easily extended at very little cost. So there’s simply no need to buy a new bigger diffuser.
  3. New pressure regulator JBL ProFlora u001/m001: in addition to the new feature that this pressure regulator now fits disposable as well as refillable cylinders (only dismantle or remove one locking nut), the pre-set operating pressure can also now be adjusted if required.

In developing this system, JBL has succeeded in making the subject of CO2-fertilizing a whole lot simpler and more professional!

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