Rainforest St Lucia Cage White

5 out of 5 stars Friday 10 June, 2016 By André Collins - See all my reviews
I bought this cage for Two of my Lovebirds and they think it's great. I wasn't expecting too much from the Rainforest St Lucia cage White but, I must admit that I was surprised by just how decent a cage it actually is. £40.00 bar a penny which is really great value for money for what you have purchased.

I didn't like the Three wooden perches that much but, the birds are happy with them and that's all that matters really. I bought the C1 model Stand with the cage which I thought was a bit more useful than the other model due to the handy basket and wheels making it much easier to move the cage around: So, I consider the C1 Stand @ £19.99 to be good value for money too.

The only real negative for me was that half a dozen of the bars had been damaged from bending, a couple of areas where the powder coating had been chipped and then Four connecting tabs' powder coating peeled off as it was folded over the bars.

Not strictly to do with the cage, more to do with storage or delivery most probably.

Putting both Cage & Stand together was really very simple to do and didn't take too long which I was really pleased about. The cage was just a matter of clipping the pre assembled sides together, attaching that to the tray at the bottom and then clipping the top on. It took me around Five minutes to finish.

The stand went together very quickly with the use of Eight wingnuts and screw bolts. The Four 'n' shaped parts bolted together with ease, the basket slotted into its Four holes with no problem and finally, the wheels pushed in, sat the cage on the stand and it was all done, Five minutes tops.

I would strongly recommend both the Rainforest St Lucia Cage & C1 Stand, you cannot go wrong at the price for a very solid, well constructed apparatus for your birds.