Eheim Fish Food

The way to a fish’s heart is through its stomach

EHEIM Food – the new quality initiative by the pioneers in aquatics. A healthy diet – ideal for both fish and water. Natural and fresh ingredients, no harmful contents, extremely digestible, less water pollution and no clouding. Your fish will love it.  

  • EHEIM professionel food is complete, high-quality food – easy to digest
  • Eheim Green food is made from easily digested herbal ingredients, including spirulina algae. The food contains essential nutritive and regenerative substances, as well as vitamins and trace elements, that stimulate vitality, growth and resilience.... more info
  • The special foods consist of 3 products: Colour food - formulated to stimulate the colour development and vitaliy of fish. Young tropical fish food - guarantees optimal growth in the early stages of life. Special treats - a natural dietary... more info
  • Complete, high-quality food – easy to digest. A tasty and nutrient rich staple food - available as both flakes and granules for discus, shrimps, crabs and prawns. Also available as tablets for bottom dwelling fish.