Waterlife Myxazin 500ml Fin Rot & Bacteria Treatment

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5 out of 5 stars Friday 06 January, 2012 By Mark Thulbourne - See all my reviews
A must have treatment for you fish keepers out there. As always waterlife is my choice for treatment in my Tropical tank. And as the other reveiw says can sometimes have problems with scale-less fish(e.g clown loaches). But if have used this for years keep clown loaches and never have a problem as i use it right.Cleared up fin-rot on my Corys with out a problem.Easy to use good instructions and shows you how to work out how much water your tank holds. As this is 2x concentrate it will last or treat twice as much if you buy in the shops. Ideal for you breeders out there with multiple tank set-ups or people just starting up..